LIDIA MAY is where fashion meets heritage. We take artistry and craftsmanship and recompose them into bags of classic design infused with modern femininity, at once fresh and familiar.

The Story     Lidia May was created in 2014 by American Designer and Social Entrepreneur May Yang. After living in L.A., NYC, Beirut, Beijing and Hong Kong, she designs through her own lens of modern femininity and timeless style. She is inspired to incorporate the rich culture and crafts heritage of South Asia into her motifs, creating bags that are instantly recognizable. May designs for women of curiosity, compassion and self-assured playfulness.

The Brand     We are in an era where luxury is identified through authenticity and integrity. Lidia May’s designs connect the wearer intimately with the person who produced her bag, one piece at a time. The techniques employed are the result of extensive research into the traditional luxury crafts of the region, reinterpreted for a contemporary audience. 

The Ari hook needle that gives life to the Ronni Tote cow was refined through generations of craftsmen in North India’s princely courts. The organic textures of the Farmland fields were created by intricate long and short stitches common in Bengal. The Zari and beading techniques are applied over 32 hours to create a single piece of the Trang embroidery.

The Sustainability Model     Lidia May is conscious about sustainability, working with raw materials suppliers similarly committed to reducing environmental impact, such as leather tanneries developing ecologically neutral tanning techniques.

 Socially, it supports the Lidia Hope Centre Trust, a non-profit educating 70 students living in slums and teaching marketable vocational skills to unskilled women. The company has pledged a part of its profits to support the Lidia Hope Centre Trust.