Education + Vocational Training

LIDIA MAY works hand in hand with the Lidia Hope Centre Trust, a non-profit that focuses on the urban slum environment, educating 60 students and transforming unskilled woman into proud embroidery professionals. 

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Embroidery Artisan Training

Our Artisans are underprivileged women who want to change their future and the future of their families.

The urban slum environment of a bustling city may be a stepping stone for some families but for many it is fertile ground for the complex forces of poverty to prevail. Few are able to break the cycle of poverty.

Most of our women either grew up in the urban slums or came later in life only to find themselves stuck here. Families usually consist of a husband working in a low-paying menial job, a housewife, and 2-4 children.

These women living in the slums spend part of their day taking care of the household and children, and a significant part of their day idle. Few have the resources, orientation, confidence, skills and opportunity to earn a steady and dignified income. The Embroidery Artisan Training aims to give women the tools to ensure flexible, sustainable, and dignified source of income generation.  

The Lidia Hope Centre School

Our students range from age 6 to age 12. In addition to normal school hours, our students attend after school homework sessions that help them stay in a nurturing learning environment for most of their day. LIDIA MAY has created a story book library for students without access to fun books, so learning continues when they go home. 

Lidia May is committed to the holistic development of these communities and dedicated to giving back a part of the company’s profits to support the Lidia Hope Centre Trust.